Let us Train your Dog!

Elevate Your Dog's Behavior and Unleash their Best Self

Is your dog causing distress at home with troublesome behaviours? Struggling with socialization or finding it hard to interact with other dogs or people? Perhaps you long to witness a more balanced and joyous companion in your daily life. At SWDT, our residential training program is tailored to address these concerns. We provide a nurturing environment where dogs stay with us, receiving personalized training to overcome behavioural challenges, ensuring a happier, more harmonious life for both you and your beloved pet.

This service is aimed at individuals travelling or on holiday, struggling to find care due to their dog’s behavioural issues. Additionally, it caters to those who’ve tried training but lack time or face complex cases, hindering their ability to help their pet overcome behavioural problems. Our residential service provides tailored support for such situations, ensuring your dog receives the attention needed to thrive.

"Unleash the full potential of your dog where positive habits become a way of life"

Allocating around 4 hours per day to your dog’s training (including walks, tailored to individual needs). This is complemented by 24/7 attentive care. Our purpose-built facilities are exclusively designed for dogs, ensuring a holistic experience covering training, recreation, and safety. Your dog’s unique needs are at the core of our approach for a well-rounded stay.

Join the numerous dogs and families who’ve experienced life-changing transformations with our help. Witness the ‘before and after’ in their lives. Let us guide your beloved pet towards a happier, more balanced existence. Reach out today to start their journey to behavioural improvement and a harmonious life!

We would like to inform you that, in compliance with legal requirements, we are obligated to retain all submitted information for a minimum duration of 24 months